Friday, May 3, 2013

Two days down to Suches, GA.

Hola people of the real world! We are currently staying at Wolfpen Hostel in Suches, GA. Update from the first two days.

Day one began with a one mile hike to the top of Springer Mountain. After driving from WV to GA through the night, we made our way to the top... of fog. Kind of disappointing to not have a view, but still cool nonetheless. On our way up and a few miles down, we passed a young lady with a Jack Russell Terrier. This is how we met Let's Party and her dog, Bottoms Up. She is an ECT (Eastern Continental Trail) hiker, which runs from Key West to Newfoundland. She has been hiking since January 5th. While at Hawk Mountain Shelter at 8.1 miles in, we met Raven, from Germany in a town near Hanover, and was convinced by Let's Party to hike an additional 7.7 miles to Gooch's Shelter at 15.8 miles, giving us a total of 16.8 for the day. Along the way, we met Rojo Baggins and were passed by an older gentlemen we named Terminator. He started at Springer at noon and hiked 15.8 miles in less than seven hours. Jerk! Just kidding!

Once we got to Gooch's Shelter, we met So Far So Good and Fireman, solo thru hikers of a hilarious sort. Dinner was awesome and we decided, due to bad weather, to hike 5.2 miles today and get into a hostel. We will hike to Neel's Gap tomorrow in the rain and stay there. It's one of the most well known spots on the trail that many people take at least from three to five days to reach here and ship literally tons of gear back home every year. Many people take this opportunity to quit their thru hikes after they realize hiking isn't for them.

From what we hear, Saturday is going to dump over an inch and Sunday is going to dump two iches of rain. Trav and I might take a zero (a zero is a day in which you don't hike any miles),  on Sunday, but we will play it by ear and how the weather turns out.

So far, it has been interesting. Tiring would be what I describe of it so far. That could be because of two nights of little sleep before I even started. Only one real view in the first 21 miles, as we were in the fog on top of every mountain or only have views between trees. Amazing so far, hard but rewarding!


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